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Booking Terms

Thank you for choosing The Dapper Dog Grooming and Spa for your pet grooming experience. Please note, dogs are only accepted for grooming at The Dapper Dog under the following circumstances....

  • The dog is fit and healthy, Grooming which takes place on an elderly or infirm pet will be at the owner's risk. Grooming may expose pre-existing health\skin conditions for which The Dapper Dog Grooming & Spa cannot be held liable.

  • The dogs worming, flea treatment and immunisations are up to date unless otherwise discussed. If a live fleas are found on your dog, it will be sent home immediately and a cleaning fee may be charged along with the grooming charge.

  • In the event of an emergency, in your absence, you authorise The Dapper Dog Grooming & Spa to contact the nearest Vet and authorise the Vet to treat the pet as necessary at your expense. 

  • Payment is to be made at the time of service. Payment can be cash or card. Our rates are based on the breed of the pet and duration of the groom. Nail cutting and ear cleaning are part of the service unless the process is too stressful for the pet or too dangerous for the groomer. 

  • We do NOT offer anal gland expression, as this should be performed by a licensed veterinarian. 

  • Matted dogs. Our number one priority is dog comfort. Trying to brush out a severely matted dog is extremely painful and traumatising for the dog and therefore, heavily matted dogs will be clipped short so that a fresh, undamaged coat can grow back. Brushing your dog regularly in the correct way will prevent this occurring again. We can give you lots of great tips how to groom your dog to find and prevent matting. The dematting procedure may expose pre-existing health\skin problems for which The Dapper Dog Grooming & Spa cannot be held liable. 

1. Cancellations

  • Cancellation and rescheduling of an appointment, by the client, requires 48 hours notice to waive the
    FULL appointment fee.

  • We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a groom if the groomer suffers illness/injury or a personal emergency. Every effort will be made to reschedule at a time convenient for both the client and the groomer.    

2. No-Shows

It is considered a "no-show" when the client is not available at the scheduled appointment time and does not contact us to cancel or reschedule.

  • We reserve the right to charge the FULL grooming fee due to the loss of revenue caused by a "no-show". Please make every effort to call and cancel or reschedule when possible to avoid such situations.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet or client for any reason.

3. Aggressive or Dangerous Dogs

  • Due to the 1:1 nature of the grooming experience provided at The Dapper Dog, aggressive dogs will not be accepted as clients. If grooming has commenced, the full fee will be charged. Please be upfront when making your booking. This is to protect the safety  of the groomer and to prevent injury to the dog. The owner will be liable to pay for any injury caused to the groomer by their dog.

4. Timely drop offs / pick ups

  • Due to the 1:1 nature of the salon, dogs should not be dropped off more that 5 minutes before or after their scheduled appointment. If dogs are collected more than 15 minutes late after the pre-arranged collection time, a $10 per 15 minute late fee will apply. Repetitive late collection will result in the cancellation of all future services.

5. Unsafe dogs

  • Grooming can be confronting for some dogs who suffer from anxiety. Despite the best efforts of The Dapper Dog to provide a calm environment and gentle grooming, some anxious dogs (through their extreme unpredictable jerky movements and strength) can be a safety risk for themselves and for the groomer (some examples are trying to lick scissors and clippers, kicking out whilst scissoring legs etc). If you are told your dog may benefit from some natural calming medication or behavioural therapy, please take these suggestions seriously as the mental health and wellbeing of your dog is our number one priority.

6. Photography

  • We may take a photo of your dog during their grooming session which may be used for promotional or publicity purposes. Please let us know if you do not wish this to happen.

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