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We offer a great range of grooming services and spa treatments. Mix and match these packages for your very own bespoke groom for your beloved fur-child.


Pricing as of 21.2.24


A gentle introduction to grooming for puppies. This 3 visit package is designed to slowly introduce puppies to the world of grooming. Our experienced bathers and groomers will guide your puppy through a gentle wash and fluff dry, a simple tidy up of the face, feet and hygiene areas and a nail trim. At each visit we build on the last with a more detailed groom. We suggest the owner stays to support the puppy and to learn safe bathing and brushing techniques at home. You will see first hand the areas to work on at home between visits. *Puppies must be fully immunised and are generally around 3.5 - 4 months old. Available for puppies under 6 months old. $275 (Small dogs) $300 (Med/Lrge dogs)


We start with 2 washes with Melanie Newman Refresh Shampoo. We use a soft rubber curry brush to work the shampoo into the coat and massage the skin. We then apply Melanie Newman Refresh Conditioner which softens the coat, enables loose shedding fur to release and protect the coat. We clean the ears, trim nails and shave pads (if needed). The treatment is finished with a warm blow dry and Melanie Newman Refresh cologne. ​$66.60/hr


We start with 2 deeply penetrating hand washes under pressure with Melanie Newman Refresh Deshedding Shampoo. We then apply Melanie Newman Refresh Conditioner which further releases dead coat. This also returns the hydrophobic properties to the top coat repelling dust and moisture when dry and keeping your dog clean longer. We fully dry the coat using a velocity dryer to dislodge the remaining loose hair. A fluff dry and full brush out completes the preparation. We trim and neaten to the breed standard, trim nails and shave pads and finish with Melanie Newman Refresh cologne. $75/hr


We start with two warm hand washes to deep cleanse then condition the coat. If needed we use a mild cleanser and wipes to clean the ears. After a blow dry to get your dog nice and fluffy, we brush out your pup from nose to tail. We neaten the paws, pads, ears and tail. We clip the nails. We also shave the hygiene areas. We finish with a full stylized body clip to your liking (or you can leave it up to us!) We finish the treatment with a light spritz of Melanie Newman Cologne. $66.60/hr

Spa Treatments


After a wash with Purify Shampoo, a scrub containing a mix of activated charcoal and essential oils of Sandalwood, Marjoram and Lavender are slowly massaged into your dog's coat from top to tail, drawing toxins from your dog's coat and skin. We then cleanse with a final wash with Purify Shampoo and close the follicles with Purify Conditioner. The result is a fresh smelling shiny bright coat. This treatment is great for Black and White Dogs, those with dandruff or skin conditions and also those pups long overdue for a bath. $10.50 - $20


Nagayu CO2 SPA is able to decompose the body fluid that caused the odour, and give a deep clean. The effect of the bicarbonate & hydrogen ions wash off mineral waste and silicon dirt clogged in the hair root. This results in a full, silky, and healthy coat. For troubled skin, Nagayu CO2 SPA speeds up the healing process by increasing blood flow allowing cells to absorb more nutrients and more oxygen for the process of cell regeneration.  $5.25 - $21


This treatment is great for worn dry pads of exploring dogs and also for older dogs who have lost pad flexibility and slip on some surfaces. We start by removing most of the excess nail with a nail trim, then a quiet dremel file smooths the  edges for a round finish. We then massage The Natural Dog Company Paw Soother into the pad and allow it to penetrate over time for full moisturising effect.  $10.50 with groom $27.50 standalone


$15.50 (Small/Med) $22 (Lge/XL) $27.50 (Difficult, Nail Aggressive)

Frequently asked questions


Until we meet your dog it's hard to estimate exact pricing. Here is a rough guide...

Short Coat: Small/Med - 60min

Long Coats: Small - 90 min | Medium - 90min - 2hr | Large - 2 - 2hrs30min  | XLarge - 2hrs30min - 3hrs | Giant - 3hrs+


For the safety and welfare of our awesome team, we don't take aggressive dogs. Please be transparent when making your booking.

As we run by appointment, any late arrivals will be seen as a "no show". Late pickups incur a fee.

We do not have the facilities or staff to mind dogs and we think they'd rather be at home with you anyway.

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