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Rolling Appointments

Many of our clients like to book ahead for the entire year. This enables them to get an appointment on the day and frequency they prefer and at the time of day that suits them best. As we are often booked out far in advance, it gives our clients peace of mind that the regular grooming of their dog is one less thing to worry about. 

Clients who have had regular bookings throughout the year are sent an invitation in October to book rolling appointments for the following year. Included in this invitation is a special offer to have their grooming rate frozen at the current years rate for the entire following year if they respond by the end of the month. They are protected from any rate increases if they abide by the following terms.

Terms of booking for rolling appointments


Clients may reschedule their appointments within the same week but may not cancel their appointments. If failing to re-book within the week, the following appointment will be at the current (not frozen) rate. As with all bookings, at least 48 hours notice (business hours) must be given otherwise a late cancellation fee is payable.

**  If rescheduling an appointment, the following appointments will remain at their original dates. We will not reschedule any future appointments. 


If you would like to change your groom type (eg. full groom or tidy), please give us at least 48 hours notice  as this will impact other appointments on the day.


Please DO NOT transfer your appointment TIMES to an external calendar, dates should be fine. For various reasons such as other clients changing their appointments and sick staff, your appointment time may be changed within the parameters of your preferred time periods. An update will only be sent if the day has to change, but NOT if the time is changed. You will be sent a live link to your appointments. That means that what is in the link is exactly what is in our calendar.



You will receive a reminder 6 days prior to your appointment and if you do not respond, another reminder 3 days prior to your appointment. If you have multiple dogs attending a booking, you will need to reply with a seperate Y for each text you receive. Please note our messaging system is two way and is the best and fastest way to notify us of a change needed to your appointment. We cannot receive images or phone calls on the text messaging service.


We aim to have a quiet, relaxing environment for our pooches. With this in mind, we have expanded our opening times in 2024 so that special needs dogs (ether those that are highly anxious around other dogs, or extremely vocal dogs that cause disturbance to other dogs), will be scheduled at the very start or very end of the day. 


You may cancel the rolling appointments for the year at any time with 48 hours notice. If you re-book after cancelling rolling appointments then you will be subject to the current rate.


New clients may booking in rolling appointments for the remainder of the year but are not eligible for the fixed rate offer. The fixed rate offer is invitation only. 

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