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Our Team

Meet the team


Founder / Owner

Senior Dog Stylist


With a background in everything from ski resorts, hospitality to Retirement Management and Marketing, Kath has found her calling as an internationally qualified professional Dog Groomer (and a dog lover through and through).

Kath has an excellent knowledge of many breed trims and knows exactly which products and services will be the best option for your dog. She believes passionately in the welfare and protection of all animals and the environment. The Earth friendly design of the salon and it's day to day operations of the salon reflect this.


"Our goal at The Dapper Dog is not only a beautiful groom (that goes without saying) but also that your pooch loves coming for their groom. Most regulars run in the door excited for the attention of their pamper session."

An adventure lover, when Kath is not at the salon you will find her out in nature or spending fun days out with her family, friends and her dogs. Kath has two Miniature Schnauzers, Mabel & Macy. 


Senior Dog Stylist

In 2021, Stef made the career change from many years of Vet Nursing to grooming and is loving every minute. She has a particular fondness for "small fluffies" such Shih Tzu's and Maltese as well as protection breeds such as Rottweilers and German Shepherds.


Stef has a great love for all animals as is apparent by the many animals she cares for at home. She absolutely loves dogs above all! Stef has recently become a first time dog Mum to a little Shih Tzu puppy called Meech. 

Stef has a warm personality and loves to share a laugh. She creates a genuine bond with each dog under her care which is apparent the next time they see her. An absolute foodie, Stef will give anything a go! She loves spending time out and about with friends, with her partner and now with Meech when not at the salon.


Professional Dog Groomer

Kadie grew up in Kelly country in Northern Victoria. When she was five she became obsessed with dogs after her family adopted a one year old Rottweiler, who was a great best friend and protector. After her family bought a farm, they got Bandit the Kelpie, who still hangs out at the farm and is more of a family member than a farm hand.


Kadie's had dogs her whole life, and until she moved to Melbourne and worked mostly retail, she realised pups are needed in her life.  She completed her certificate in Animal Care, then later on achieved her Dog Grooming Certificate 3.

In her spare time she’s doing yoga, getting creative, or outside enjoying nature. She lives with Puggy the Pug.


Professional Dog Groomer

Joining the salon in mid 2023, Grainne studied and work as a Vet Nurse before  moving careers into Dog Grooming. She completed her Cert III in Pet Grooming with our senior groomer Stef in 2021. After a year working for another groomer, Grainne decided to travel the world and had now settled in nicely back in Melbourne at The Dapper Dog where she had gone from strength to strength. 

When she is not at the salon, Grainne is out with friends and family or walking her French Bulldog, Belle. 


Senior Bather / Reception


Senior Bather

In my free time I love to read a book or two, fantasy genre novels being my favourite at the moment. I also love being outside and in nature as much as possible so often spend a lot of time exploring locally with my partner and friends!


I love working with dogs because of the opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives after they’ve had such a hugely positive impact in mine. Being able to see all their unique little personalities every day and get some on the job cuddles is just a plus! 


I have three fur babies, one dog and two cats. 


Growing up with a mum who rescued anything that needed help, Jaimi has a respect and love for animals above nearly everything else. Working with dogs was always her happiest job and while she has taken the scenic road through administration, analytics and marketing to get here - she is back where she belongs, with her beloved doggos! Creating a genuine relationship with the dogs she gets to spend some time with is always her goal, hopefully resulting in them loving coming in for their appointments and leaving feeling a million bucks. 


Outside of work you will always find her with either her fur child or human child exploring literally anywhere new she can find. She loves spending time with her family and friends, especially down at the beach, and would never say no to live music (no matter the type). 


Bather / Reception

After exploring performing arts, nannying, lots of retail work and a good chunk of the UK, Maxine finally decided that with dogs is where she wanted to be. She is thrilled to be gaining experience with The Dapper Dog and has ambitions to become a certified groomer in the future. 

Maxine grew up with both dogs and cats and has always loved caring for animals, turning up at home with a stray more than once. While she doesn’t currently have any pets, her and her husband look forward to having a dog in the future and would like to be Guide Dog puppy raisers! 

When she’s not working, Maxine loves eating out, watching movies, reading books and playing video games with her husband.



The first thing you will notice about CJ is her lovely smile and warm disposition. CJ is a long time animal lover. Since she was little she has had a passion for being around animals. She grew up with dogs, cats and a horse in her family and has only ever wanted to work with animals.

While she is not pampering the Dapper Dops, she is looking after her Sheltie and her horse. 


CJ completed her Cert II in Animal Studies in 2020 and is currently working through her Certificate in Canine Care and Training. 

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