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Meals for Mutts Roo Discs - 200g

Meals for Mutts Roo Discs - 200g


Meals for Mutts Roo is a naturally nutrient rich pet treats, low in fat and high in protein.
Made with 100% premium Australian kangaroo, this single-ingredient dog treat is a nutritious choice if you want a healthy treat option for your canine. These disc-shaped meat treats are naturally air-dried to preserve the natural kangaroo meat flavour and retain the nutrients to ensure your furry friend receives maximum nutritional benefit.

Free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, sugars, sodium nitrate, and MSG, this holistic dried kangaroo meat treat contains zero harmful or unnecessary ingredients. The Roo Disc Treats make great training treats or everyday treats for your pet while providing a nutritional boost to their diet. Cats can also enjoy these kangaroo meat treats!

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