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PUPSTYLE Sweet Apple Suburban Poop Bag Holder

PUPSTYLE Sweet Apple Suburban Poop Bag Holder


You need your pretty hands free to snap pics of your baby for the ’Gram right. You don't want o be luggin around ugly poop bag holders, and now there is no need to.


The Sweet Apple Suburban poop bag holder safely secures to your matching Suburban Leash so now there is no need to sacrifice style for function. You can continue to be the conscientious dog owner. 


These super light bags are made from lightweight neoprene, these poop bag holders won’t weigh you down and will complete your look like a statement necklace with your 'jeans and tee'.

  • Fit a roll of poop bags and some small items
  • Branded rubber dispenser breaks off just one bag at a time
  • Luxury rose gold snap clip attaches the bag to the ring on your leash

We don’t ever want you to be without, so we’ll include a free roll of bags with your purchase. 

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