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PUPSTYLE Stripe Squad Collar

PUPSTYLE Stripe Squad Collar


Set sail for fun in this timeless Stripe Squad navy stripe  collar. Perfect for a weekend break at the beach, or a quick pup-a-cino with friends, you'll be picking up style vibes from your human all week long.


Your pups main essential item, their collar. They bond them to you. Nothing could be worse than losing our fur-baby. So stylish.....and yet so practical.


So many collars are made from cheap material that last just a few months. And are not at all comfortable with itchy bits that make life pretty crummy for your best little mate. Not all collars are created equal.


PUPSTYLES' Wild One City Collar is so luxe. Made from strong vegan leather and reinforced nylon strapping makes for a long lasting and durable collar. Lining is on both sides of thr collar preventing any rubbing. A luxury look and safety and comfort you need.


  • Vegan Leather (modern dogs don't like wearing other animals in the name of fashion)
  • Reinforced nylon strapping 
  • Fabric lining on both sides 

A gorgeous PUPSTYLE charm if the finishing touch, light and stylish. 

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