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PUPSTYLE Santorini Leash Splitter

PUPSTYLE Santorini Leash Splitter


So you really want to be that person who takes their dogs walking each day, but every time you take both, it’s a disaster. Bobo slips his collar while chasing after a speck of dust, while Fido poops on someone's expensive shoes left on the beach.

We’ve got great news; taking your fur babies out together need doesn't need to be a daunting task.


The Santorini Dual Lead Splitter keeps both doggos under control, without sacrificing on comfort and style.

The strong, woven polyester is tough enough to endure all the pulls and tugs, while the adjustable length means that both doggies can walk side by side, or one behind the other.


It has:

  • Two adjustable straps for two dogs to walk nicely together
  • Premium strength polyester strapping for the strongest pullers
  • Sturdy black spring clips to attach to your harness or collar

Never have a lead slip out of your hand again, simply because you couldn’t hold onto both. Available in two sizes; small and large for your big or small sized pups.


Small: 25 - 60cm Long / 1.5cm Wide

Large: 55 - 90cm Long / 2.5cm Wide

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