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PUPSTYLE Greys for Days City Harness

PUPSTYLE Greys for Days City Harness


When you're cruisin' down the street with your main pup, you want to be admired? Of course you do. 


You take them to the local market, the cafe, or to buy the latest cold drip blend. Without a doubt, passers by admire your pooch and, therefore, you.


They are a solid 10, and if they were your new love interest, you'd be proud to show off... unless they had habit of dressing in socks and sandles and your Uncle's hawaiian shirt. Your floofer is no different.


The Greys For Days Step-In dog Harness looks damn fine. It is long lasting and super functional. 


It has:

  • Step in harness unique to PUPSTYLE. No need to mess the fro.
  • Super comfortable chest chest support 
  • Neck and chest is designed to fit snuggly (no gaps)
  • Breathable everyday comfort. Quick to dry and wicks moisture away in a flash
  • D-Ring position that is optimised to pull back from the front of the chest
  • Machine washable

Suburban harnesses are available in a range of different colours and prints. You don’t wear the same thing every day, why should they?

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