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PUPSTYLE Fresh Blooms City Leash

PUPSTYLE Fresh Blooms City Leash


The Fresh Blooms collection is a serious showstopper! This trans-seasonal floral print is so beautiful, even the boys wear it with pride. Be prepared to be stopped on the regular in this print whilst you're turning so many heads and getting all the compliments.


There are so many things you can’t control in your life, like how many snacks you can fit in your pocket and whether or not it’s going to rain on your freshly straightened hair.


There is one mega important thing you can (and should) control, and that’s your favourite pup. A flimsy, poor quality leash can result in all kinds of disasters we don’t even want to imagine.


The Fresh Blooms City Leash not only looks like a designer fashion accessory, but it’s strong. Reinforced with nylon strapping and made with vegan leather for your eco-conscious fur-friend, this leash can withstand even the strongest of tugs.


It has:

  • Durable Vegan Leather, because modern dogs don't like wearing other animals in the name of fashion
  • Generous 1.5m/5ft length
  • Reinforced nylon strapping for long-lasting strength


Long enough (1.5m) for your puppy to sniff all the things, and lined on both sides to ensure the pattern is always facing out.

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