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PUPSTYLE Dog Parent Pouch

PUPSTYLE Dog Parent Pouch


When you’re heading for a stroll down Main Street, the last thing you want is to carry 987 items. 


You need to prepare for all possible scenarios, so there’s your phone, wallet, keys, the poop bags, puppy treats, human treats, and whatever else. Before you know it, you look like you’re moving house just to take the dog for a walk.


Free your hands with the Dog Parent Pouch. You’re going to need them to hold your gourmet doughnut.


This nifty little contraption hangs fashionably from the PUPSTYLE leash, and can fit everything you need. Seperate compartments mean that poop bags stay away from your valuables, and strong velcro stops items from falling out.


It has:

  • Three internal pockets secured with velcro to keep your phone safely stored away from your keys & valuables
  • A quick access slot to reach poop bags from the front - no need to open the pouch
  • Enough room to fit most large smartphones
  • Strong snap hook to attach to the ring on your PUPSTYLE lead
  • Lastly, the zipped pocket secures your phone with quick & easy access when you need to quickly snap a pic for the Gram.


Made from premium vegan leather and available in 8 colours to match your other PUPSTYLE accessories.


*The Loop should only be used to hold your lead against the pouch when the pouch is not heavy to stop it from swinging. When the pouch is heavy (eg. with your phone inside), it is less likely to swing, and the loop is not designed to withstand this much pressure - the loop simply acts as a guide to keep your pouch still.



When you gotta go, you gotta go! Don't leave your humans fumbling - simply slide a poop bag out of the Smart Slot for quick pick-up and nobody will even know you just did a Number 2 in public!



Keep your valuables and phone seperate with three internal pockets secured by velcro, so there's no need to worry that your keys will fall out of the Smart Slot!



We've made a small improvement to our original design by adding a snap button loop to the back of your pouch to keep it still whilst out on your walks.

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