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PUPSTYLE Adventure Poop Bag Holder

PUPSTYLE Adventure Poop Bag Holder


An adventure brings out the best in us, and the smelliest in them - pwar! But you don't want to feel like a dork just carrying around the ugly plastic poop bags. Not only that, you need your valuable hands for adventurey type stuff!

Introducing the Adventure poop bag holder.


These super light bags are made from lightweight neoprene, these poop bag holders won’t weigh you down on your trek. Fit a roll of poop bags and some small essential items. 


  • Enough room to fit a whole roll of poop bags & small essential items
  • Reinforced rubber dispenser to break off one bag at a time
  • String snap clip attaches to the D ring on your adventure leash

We never want you to be without, so we’ll even include a full roll of bags with your purchase.

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