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Pinata Party Boy by Fringe Studio

Pinata Party Boy by Fringe Studio


Give your dog a party every day with the Fringe Studio’s PetShop Pinata Party Boy Toy!

There’s nothing like a squeaky Pinata party! Instead of being stuffed with dog treats or toys, this plush Pinata is a long-lasting and squeakin’ toy for dogs with a colourful rainbow fur coat that your pooch will love having as a playtime companion. Since the Pinata Party Boy is soft and cuddly, he also makes a great cuddle buddy/pillow for your pet to rest on!



  • Colourful rainbow Pinata-shaped plush dog toy
  • Includes a loud squeaker inside to entice your pet to play
  • Soft and cuddly toy that your dog can use as a pillow at bedtime
  • Ideal for medium-sized dogs


Colour: Rainbow

Dimensions: Approx. 26.7cm x 25.4cm



  • Plush T-rex dinosaur dog toy that doubles as a playtime pal and a cuddle buddy
  • Soft and snuggly dinosaur with an extra loud squeaker and crazy crinkle paper inside
  • Provides gentle and boredom-busting entertainment for your pet
  • Various textures and sounds to keep your pet engaged with the toy
  • Ideal for dogs of all ages & sizes
  • *Note: Not for aggressive chewers.


Colour: Orange/Gold

Size: Approx. 28cm x 24cm

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