Happy Paws Co. Parsley Chicken 75g

Happy Paws Co. Parsley Chicken 75g


Happy Paws Co Parsley Chicken Jerky is made from skinless chicken breast which is then sliced, marinated with Parsley and dried. Parsley has been added for variety as a natural and healthy seasoning for your pup.


Parsley is known to have beneficial effects on reducing bad doggy breath, due to its high levels of chlorophyll, which is packed with deodorising and antibacterial properties.


Parsley Chicken is a great small snack for dogs of all sizes, that can also be used as training treats as it is easily broken up into smaller pieces. This jerky is boneless and low in fat. 


  • Single ingredient protein made in Australia
  • Low fat training reward
  • Helps to fight bad doggy breath
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Free from additives, fillers, enhancers, preservatives and any extra nasties
  • Simply all natural, healthy, premium Australian dog treats
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