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Fringe Studio 'Barkflix' Toy 3 Pack

Fringe Studio 'Barkflix' Toy 3 Pack


What should we watch tonight? The Fringe Studio’s Barkflix Dog Toy Set features three different toys for the perfect night in. Each plush toy includes a single loud squeaker to keep your dog’s attention and help engage them for independent or interactive playtime. For more variety, you can also use these small dog toys with hide-and-seek dog puzzle games to enhance your pet’s mentally stimulating activities for the day.


  • Plush and squeaky dog toy set 
  • Can be used in multi-dog homes and with compatible hide-and-seek dog puzzle games
  • Single loud squeaker in each toy to keep your dog entertained
  • Super soft and plush material for gentle playtime
  • A great gift for the foodie dog in your life!

Set Includes: 1 Cola, 1 Barkflix TV, 1 Pupcorn Bucket

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