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Shark Tails - Individual

Shark Tails - Individual


Who knew the tail end of the shark tail would make a good dog chew? 
This is for serious chewers. 

Super tough and guaranteed to keep those chompers going for a while. 
Of course, that means their teeth will get a clean too 
High in Omega-3 and 6 for joint and skin & coat health. 

Size Information
Being a natural product, each tail will vary in size but on average the tails are between 20-30cm and weigh about 20-30g each. 


Ingredients: 100% Australian Gummy Shark Tail 


Shark Tail Health Benefits:
Supports joint & bone health 
Improves Dental Health 
High in Omega-3 and 6 to support healthy skin and coat

As always all of our treatos are: 
100% All Natural - No chemicals or preservatives used

Locally sourced Aussie ingredients 
Made in Australia. 

Storage Instructions: Best stored covered in a cool dry place. 

Product Shelf Life: All of our treatos are completely dry and shelf stable. We recommend consuming all treatos within 12 months of the production date stated on the packaging. 

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