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Dizzy Dog Collar Co. Vintage Gingham Leash

Dizzy Dog Collar Co. Vintage Gingham Leash


There are so many things you can’t control in your life, like how many snacks you can fit in your pocket and whether or not it’s going to rain on your freshly straightened hair.


There is one mega important thing you can (and should) control, and that’s your favourite pup. A flimsy, poor quality leash can result in all kinds of disasters we don’t even want to imagine.


Made from a poly-nylon blend and a padded neoprene handle, this durable leash is perfect for all your pup's excursions. 


It has:

  • a d-ring under the handle for hanging keys/poop bags
  • length of 152cm in total, including the handle and snaphook
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