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Snooza Calming Hoodie Cuddler - Silver Fox

Snooza Calming Hoodie Cuddler - Silver Fox


Introducing the Calming Hoodie Cuddler in Silver Fox by Snooza for your burrow-loving furry friend. This new hooded-style bed features a cave-style pocket, perfect for nestling and snuggling pets, especially those with anxiety. The cosy hooded cover is soft and lined with faux-fur all the way through, providing ultimate comfort and warmth for your pet. Designed to stay up, the hood creates a calming space for your pet to relax and feel secure. Dogs love to scratch, turn and settle into a curled-up position, and this bed provides the support and security they crave.


The cover of this cozy bed is removable, and the cushion and bolster walls are filled with EcoFresh™, made from recycled PET drink bottles, making it durable and sustainable. The entire bed, including the EcoFresh™ filling, is fully machine washable, reducing landfill and making it kind to the environment. Plus, the EcoFresh™ filling is refillable, ensuring a long-lasting and eco-friendly product. And for extra peace of mind, the bed also comes with Snooza/s Repair Service, so you can relax knowing your pet's bed will always be in great condition. Treat your dog to a luxurious, sustainable, and comfortable sleep with the Calming Hoodie Cuddler - Silver Fox.

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